Proteins: Hardworking Machines that Ensure Proper Growth & Repair of Your Body.

Imagine proteins as machines that are present inside every cell of your body. Inside every cell these machines are working round the clock to help the body do its daily tasks: breaking down food to power muscles. Transporting materials through the bloodstream, sending signals to the brain to control the body.In short, each cell is made up of thousands of proteins which come together to help the cell, do its job.

So any diet without adequate amount of proteins is simply not good enough for the proper growth of your body.

Protein Deficiency

Protein deficiency is one of the biggest reason of illness and premature deaths in developing countries like ours.In fact according to a study published by Food and Nutrient Journal, Protein deficiency can lead to problems like reduced IQ and retardation.Some of the more problems that can be caused due to lack of protein are;

growth_problem muscle-tissue weakness diarrhea

weight-loss slower-recovery-from-illness prone-to-infection anemia