How it Works?

Protinex is a powdered supplement that has to be taken with milk only. As soon as it gets absorbed by your body it releases proteins which aid in the growth and repair of your body, revitalizing it from top to bottom.

Can I get it all from food?

hw For grown ups, your body requires 1 gm protein/ kg of your weight, for those who exercise regularly, your body requires 1.2 gm of protein /kg of your weight. Which means that someone weighing 80 kg would require 80 gm of proteins every day, and a regular gym goer of the same weight would require 96 gm of proteins every day. This nutritional requirement can only be met with a wholesome diet that comprises of mostly chicken, fish and other protein rich foods like milk and eggs

Considering the hectic schedules that everyone has, it requires not only proper planning but also absolute determination to pull this diet off every single day. This is where Protinex can save you the trouble. It can deliver you all the essential nutrients with a taste that stays.