Somethings Missing


Somethings Missing

6:00 am – Wake up, get lunch boxes ready for kids, get them ready

7:00 am – Drop them to school bus, come back and have a cup of coffee

7:30 am – Rush for a swim/Walk.

9:00 am – Instead of eating breakfast like a king you grab breakfast of cereal and milk,an egg would have been good you think but there hardly is time. Rush to work. Get stuck in traffic and curse

10:00 am – Clear emails, get some work done. Update the boss

11:30 am – Take a quick tea break, somewhere feeling hungry you feel may be some protein bars would have been welcome addition

1:00 pm – Lunch of roti, sabji, dal and salad. All the while still thinking of work and wondering if there is something missing in the lunch but then there was hardly time to put together a detailed meal in the morning.

1:30 pm – Try to work while feeling terribly sleepy, have another cup of tea

4:00 pm – Have yet another cup of tea while working may be a couple of biscuits for snacks when you really should be having sprouts

5:30 pm – Head back home

6:30 pm – Put together a dinner of dosa, chutney or may be dal chawal, somedays chicken or fish as well but most days you miss that little protein there.

7:30 pm – Have dinner, feeling exhausted and wondering if you will really have the energy to go for the after dinner walk that you should be taking.

8:30 pm – Put kids to sleep

9:30 pm – Want to crash but take an office call

10:30 pm – Sleep

Rinse, repeat…. This is a routine for most urban folks these days and while we rush from one place to another, one task to another, one meal to next, barely paying attention to what really are we eating and certainly not thinking about whether you are eating food from all groups, I think Something’s missing from our life a majorly and apart from peace and calm that we all yearn for, could that something be “Protein”?

I am not a vegetarian by a tall order but my fitness pal summary for many days leaves me wondering where is the protein missing. Where has it gone? And I don’t need to tell you that why it is essential for the mad running we do (read the link to know more details , I am hooked to the site BTW). Protienx promises to solve that problem and I think it could be a very good solution on the go. Perfect for the lives we lead.

So what are you doing for the missing protein? Check out the site and bring it back 🙂


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