Homemade food – Our key to good health? Think Again!!


Eating healthy seems to be the talk of the town these days. One of the first, and most important lifestyle changes we make is “changing the way we eat”. We almost immediately swear to never order out unhealthy food again, or at least for a few months. We undertake various cooking experiments learnt on YouTube.

Image: www.ahcheathnews,comm
Image: www.ahcheathnews,comm

As soon as you open your ghar ka dabba at your desk, you feel a sense of accomplishment! Like half the battle has been fought. You think to yourself, ‘Home food, can’t go wrong with that right?’ Read on to know “what might/may be missing?”

Personally, I’m not one for fad diets or extreme detox diet plans. Most of the people seem to share the similar notion, so they decide to take the safe route, eating home-cooked food.

Me on the detox/fad diet



And what a route it is! Nothing comes close to the delicious aroma of mom’s Chicken Curry. Low on oil with an extra dose of love.


Chicken curry is usually paired with roti’s and a bowl of sabzi, does it look healthy to you? Not exactly.

It looks healthy to me, but it may not be meeting your daily nutritional requirements?


Research shows that 9 out of 10 people have insufficient protein intake in their diets. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan or pescetarian, your home cooked food may still be something missing!

What’s missing?

An adequate amount of protein in your daily diet.

Here are the most common reasons why protein is left out of a home-cooked meal.

  • The main reason is awareness. Only 25% of our people are aware of the daily protein requirement of an average adult.
  • They don’t know how to fulfil their daily protein requirements by selecting foods which are rich in proteins.
  • Also, a lot of people prefer not to carry protein rich foods like dals, dahi, lassi or non-vegetarian curries in dabba because it is a challenge.

Non-vegetarians frequently consume meat, eggs, fish etc. which helps them to fulfil their protein requirements. However, it could be a challenge for vegetarians or vegans. They can improve their protein intake by including some protein rich foods like milk products, dals, whole pulses, nuts etc.


But despite that, even non-vegetarians don’t eat it as regularly as they should.


Isn’t it funny how we miss out on so much without even realising it? So, no matter how long you may slave in the kitchen, you may be missing out on something that’s vital. Cooking at home doesn’t necessarily equate to preparing nutritious food. Our home cooked meals taste delicious no doubt, but they can be much healthier and have all round goodness in them, if consciously made with an increased amount of protein.


So, home-cooked meals could be nutritious if prepared properly by increasing the protein content in the food. This habit should be a daily regime.



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