Do you think non-vegetarians get enough proteins? Think again!


Our food should provide us all nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right measure, for a healthy living.

Since a long time I have been wondering – do we get adequate protein in our daily diet?

The word protein is derived from the Greek word “protos” meaning “first”. This itself reflects the importance of protein in our body.

I do not intent to scare you with the possibility of lack of proteins in your diet, but want to educate you about the dire need of protein in your diet to stay healthy and active throughout your life.

Why do we require proteins in our daily diet?

You will be surprised to know that almost every function of your cells and organs is controlled by proteins in one way or the other. There are two forms of protein, one which can be synthesized within the body (non-essential) and second which cannot be synthesized (essential) within the body hence making it mandatory to be supplied from either daily diet or with use of supplements.

Proteins are required for majority of the body functions.

Proteins are required for formation of hemoglobin, bones and keratin (which forms hair and nails). They form part of DNA, hormones, enzymes and antibodies (substances which fight against infections). You need proteins for muscle growth, as protein is the main component required for muscle formation. Protein is the main component required for muscle formation thereby acting as a fuel for building muscles. Now you know the significance of protein in your daily diet?

Should you be more concerned about your protein intake if you are a non-vegetarian?

Many people think that eating non-vegetarian foods like fish, meat, beef, or chicken actually helps them in getting good amount of protein. This is true, however what people misunderstand is that even to meet 75%-80% of an adult protein requirement (approx. 50g) one needs to consume at least 200g of non-vegetarian foods or about 7-8 whole eggs per day. Meeting the requirement with such a high intake of non-vegetarian foods could be a challenge. Also, products such as beef, mutton, pork etc. act as a source of saturated and trans-fat in the diet which may cause cardiovascular problems later in life.

We require all different types of proteins in daily diet to ensure normal body activities are carried out properly.

Several nutritionists have agreed that the best approach to meet the requirements is to choose from a variety of protein sources and not rely on a single source of protein.

All of us have varied eating habits and preferences. Your choice of food determines what is missing in your diet. So take a pause and figure out the missing part and get a complete diet for a healthy body and mind.

To find the correct solution, let us check if protein is missing from your daily diet. This simple test which will tell it – Protein Test

So now since you know that how much protein is missing in your diet, you can start filling that space with “Protinex”. It provides proteins to bridge the protein gap in your diet and ensures that your body gets the required quantity and quality of protein.

So, make sure your food is rich in protein and other essential nutrients to lead a healthy life.

Now it is your turn to tell us or share with us your opinions and thoughts. Tell us what is missing in your diet and what did you do to fill that missing part.

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Stay Healthy Stay Protein Rich!


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