Cocoa Mousse-a-Cotta


“Eating more consciously now feels like a way of being. I actually think about how my food got to my plate.”
Oprah Winfrey

Cocoa Mousse-a-Cotta a food experiment that went off track, was however delicious! Yet the thought through the day was, “What do we eat today?”, the eternal question for the harried homemaker! Life is a food fight to the finish. Ever since I picked up food blogging, the entire algorithm of what appeared on our table changed. Biggest change – carbs down, protein up!

Studying home science in school, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates ruled the text book, the interest obviously low. It was only much later as a young mother and food blogger that I connected with those wanton days in school. My food now made sense to me! Yet the protein struggle ruled. Tough fight.

Life is tough when you are the provider. I sleep every night thinking of the ideal food to serve the next day. Mornings see me hit the ground running, no calories lost of course. With such an informed audience, the questions have changed. When I plan, different food groups run in my head. These Oat Walnut Trifles with Roasted Peaches & Plums for instance – oats, walnuts, clarified butter, low fat cream, fruit, herbs – quite balanced and always welcome.

It’s often the mains that don’t stand scrutiny! From ‘Oooh this is delicious’, they now say “Looks yum, but first, what’s in it?” On comes a fitness app, the meal fed in, and much to my horror, stripped bare. It says more protein Mama. And I’m left thinking, there’s something missing. We’ve done the list – egg, cottage cheese, nuts, chicken, loads of dairy, fruit as much as I can push.The Sweet Potato Pound Cake with salted butter caramel sauce is a good example. Didn’t pass the protein test!

I beat a hasty retreat and mumble “OK, let me think of something”. More eggs perhaps but there’s a limit to how many! Ideas pop out of my head. The logical one goes like, “Skip dessert today. You’ve reached the sugar limit!!”. “Don’t change the topic”, they holler as dessert is polished off! Now guess what? I’ve found the something missing. Protinex!! Happily enough, this gap can be bridged with the help of Protinex in your daily diet.

As I wrap up for the day, I’ve gone from “What should I do?” to “I’ve got it figured out finally!” Just a daily glass of Protinex bridges the protein deficiency gap. Do take the Protein test which will help you figure out how much protein is present in food you create everyday. Maybe add some Protinex to your next dessert? I might!


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